The collections

The museum creates collections according to the mission and museum development targets. Through the collections, the museum explores, displays and promotes the formation and development of the Daugavpils region in different ways, in accordance with the age and interests of the visitor groups, emphasizing local peculiarity and values, as well as   the interconnections with the history of the whole country (in some cases, European and world).

The main tasks of Naujene Local History Museum for 2017-2026:

  • To ensure the quality of the museum collections;
  • To create museum collections according to the planned new museum offers and products;
  • To ensure work and action with the museum collections in accordance with Cabinet of Minister Regulations No. 956 „ Regulations Regarding the National Holdings of Museums”, incl. preservation of museum collections and the appropriate microclimate in the store- room and exhibitions;
  • To enlarge museum’s collections: Valentina Zeile, tools, numismatics, textiles and other collections and make a scientific inventory of each collection;
  • To create an old believers household object collection;
  • To expand the opportunities of collection usage by enlarging amount of exhibited objects;
  • To foresee opportunities of a store – room space extension: to create large format ethnographic objects visible storage in Slutiški, in the part of existing exposition or build new store – room using project funding.

Internet users can access information about Naujene Local History museum collections online in  The Joint Catalogue of the National Holdings of Museums (JCNHM)

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The Joint Catalogue of the National Holdings of Museums (JCNHM) is a catalogue of holdings of all accredited museums (state, local, autonomous and private museums) of Latvia. Overall, there are more than 5.9 million items in Latvian museums. Only about 5% of them are exposed in the permanent and temporary exhibitions. The remaining 95% of them will be available with the help of the Joint Catalogue!
The Joint Catalogue offers:
– Possibility to search and oversee the museum objects, museums, collections;
– Find out the basic information about the museum objects;
– Oversee the pictures of museum objects;
– Get to know about the ongoing exhibitions;
– Send an e-card;
– Create collections of visitor’s favorite items;
– Purchase paid files of museum objects.

Terms of use

In any form of data publication, publishing or reproduction the reference to the museum is mandatory.

If the data contained in the system are the subject to copyright, the use of data is determined by the Copyright Law of the Republic of Latvia.

More about the project

The project aims to contribute to the building of the knowledge society by collecting data on museum objects in a single system, promote public awareness of the cultural heritage and promote heritage value accumulated in Latvian museums.

The digitalization of museum collections and inclusion of them in the Joint Catalogue supports the use of museum collections for research, science and education needs. In addition, the implemented e-services will promote the public interest and the availability of historical and cultural heritage accumulated in Latvian museums to the society.
To promote the access to digital content, the Joint Catalogue items are integrated in the European digital multimedia online portal – Europeana.