Creative workshops

Naujene Local History Museum invites to participate schoolchildren of various age in research and creative educational activities.  It`s a very nice opportunity to visit museum exhibitions, look at museum collections and to improve and supplement children knowledge in visual arts or history.

In creative workshops children can participate without specific preliminary knowledge. During the workshops pupil create handmade and useful things which they bring with themselves after lessons and later use in their everyday life. Museum offers 5 creative workshops for various age, as well as master classes in applied arts studio “Pūpoli”.

  • Rag carpet workshop. In the museum you can learn one of the old traditional skills – crochet rag carpet creating [from 7 years of age]. From colourful cloth strips we’ll make useful in everyday life cup or kettle pads or comfortable rugs.
  • Herbal teas workshop [from 7 years of age]. Opportunity to get know and to enjoy various kinds of herbal teas, in an interactive way try to kindle samovar [a heated metal container traditionally used to heat and boil water in and around Russia as well as in Latvia or other countries] prepare herbal tea and get know herbal tea medicinal properties and taste it.
  • Clay workshop [from 4 years of age].Opportunity to create your first work of art in small plastics technique: clay figures, flowers, buttons and various souvenirs. Museum also offers thematic holiday workshops such as Christmas or Easter clay decor workshops.
  • Glass painting workshop [from 6 years of age]. Opportunity to create a glamorous flower, animal and fruit motifs on the glass surface using bright colours, various techniques and utensil forms. Participants can create vases, candlesticks or paint on their own glass objects.
  • Latvian ornaments workshop [from 4 years of age]. During workshop participants get information about the meaning of timeless symbols used in the designs of folk costumes as well as in everyday objects and buildings – Latvian ornaments – Sign of Jumis, Sign of Māra, Sign of sun and participants can make their own sign which protects and gives strength in everyday life.

Booking for all workshops is mandatory. Membership fees: children 1,00 EUR/per person,