Educational programmes


Naujene Local History Museum invites to participate schoolchildren of various age in research and creative educational activities.  It`s a very nice opportunity to visit museum exhibitions, look at museum collections and to improve and supplement children knowledge in visual arts or history during educational programs.


[Target groups: pupils 7- 18 years of age]

The educational program introduces with Naujene Local History Museum exhibition “Valentine Zeile – Parisian from Latgale”, public collection store – room „Workshop of Valentina Zeile”, exhibition “Family heritage” and with the brilliant Latvian sculptor personality. After seeing a video demonstration of how V. Zeile creates sculpture, everyone will be able to try their abilities, feel the healing power of clay and create their own clay figurines. At the educational program everyone can take his hand-made work of art.

  • Educational program „PANCAKES WORKSHOP”

[Target groups: pupils 7- 18 years of age]

The educational program is taking place at the ethnographic exhibition “Pan, spoon, rake and other household tools”. Participants will be able to get acquainted with the ancient Latgalian cooking traditions, utensil and tools used in the process of preparing meal and drinks as well as reflect the hostesses working and living conditions in the Southern Latgale at the end of the 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century.  During educational program participants also prepare dough, bake pancakes on a real stove and taste the hospitality of Latgale region.

Duration time: 1 hour. Pre-registration for all educational programs is mandatory. Membership fees: 1,00 – 1,50 EUR per person.  All programs are organized at the Naujene Local History Museum at Skolas Street 1 in Naujene and all the necessary materials are included in membership fees.



Naujene Local History Museum offers the lecture cycle “Daugavpils district in the century of Latvia: fatal numbers”, which tell about personalities and events that are important in history, in the political, cultural and economic life of the Daugavpils region.

Four lectures are devoted to brilliant medal artist, sculptor Valentīna Zeile: “1937: Personality of Latvia – medal artist V. Zeile”, “1971: Africa in my heart”, “1982: Latvia – France; Latvian Art in Paris “,” 1996: Return of V. Zeiles works of art to Naujene”. It is an introduction with Naujene  Local History Museum collections and an intriguing story of the artist’s personality, a fateful trip to Africa, long way to Paris and the inclusion in French art stream.

[Target groups: pupils 7- 18 years of age]. Duration time: 1 hour. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Museum offers to open the pages of the history of the Livonian Order Medieval Dinaburg castle at the lecture “1275: Dinaburg castle; the establishment of the second largest city in Latvia – Daugavpils”. During the lecture will be able to visit the historic site of the castle – the Dinaburg castle mound.

[Target groups: pupils 7- 18 years of age]. Duration time: 1 – 2 hour. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Lectures “1986: Building of Daugavpils Hydroelectric power station. Historical heritage of Slutišķi village” and “1991: Barricades. The Latvian movie legend – A. Slapins” will allow participants to look at the Third Latvian National Awakening, which reached its peak in mid-1988. Lecture tells about values which were extracted through pain and saved, about ideally strong people who played role in Restoration of the independence of Latvia.

[Target groups: pupils 12- 18 years of age]. Duration time: 1 – 2 hour. Pre-registration is mandatory.

The Latvian people’s survival art in exile, the lost native home, the bitter taste of childhood far away in a stranger, the split destinies of an alien power and unforgettable memories are summarized in the lectures “1941: Latvian intelligence deportations” (based on the story of childhood memory of the artist S. Linarte)” and “1949: deportation of the population in Latvia and Daugavpils district”.

[Target groups: pupils 12- 18 years of age]. Duration time: 1hour. Pre-registration is mandatory.

Lectures can be complemented by exploratory excursions in the Naujene Local History Museum and nature park “Daugavas loki”. You will be welcome!