The mission

The mission of the museum is:

“To raise the awareness of the local inhabitants and knowledge of the rich cultural heritage of the region by preserving and promoting material and non – material culture of Naujene parish, its surroundings and the protected landscape area “Augšdaugava”, paying special attention to the cultural heritage of the sculptress Valentina Zeile and Old Believers heritage, local traditions and cooperation with this tradition keepers, as well as the creation of various historical collections of the Daugavpils region and local tourism development”.

Functions of the museum are:

  • To collect, to document and to preserve material and non  –  material  cultural, artistic and historical values of the Naujene Parish and nearest surroundings;
  • To research the Museum’s collections and related information;
  • To ensure the cultural education process, promoting the museum collections, creating permanent expositions and exhibitions, as well as using other types of education and promotion related to the Museum’s activities;
  • To develop and to implement Museum Culture Policy corresponding to the Daugavpils district municipality development plan.